Government Contracts

Government contracts

The US Government is perhaps the single largest consumer of products and services.  It spends nearly half a trillion dollars every year. The Government can be a great customer—after all, the Government pays it bills (generally). On the other hand, the Government can be a difficult customer—one that writes its own rules and expects all of its vendors to live by them—at least until it changes them.

For nearly a decade and a half, Howard Wolf-Rodda has represented companies of all sizes and backgrounds in their dealings with the Government.



guys fighting - litigation

Sometimes fights happen.

No business or individual is completely immune from disagreements. When disputes arise, Howard Wolf-Rodda helps his clients assess their position and assist them in finding the most cost-effective resolution – whether that resolution involves negotiating a quick settlement or fighting a case to its final conclusion.

Howard Wolf-Rodda has appeared in state and federal trial and appellate courts throughout the US. His cases have ranged from basic small claims all the way up to complex national class actions. In all cases, he works with his clients to identify their goals and to develop a strategy to achieve those goals. He then develops and implements a litigation plan that makes sense based on what’s at stake. 


General Counsel

general counsel

All too often companies take the risk of flying legally blind. Emerging start-ups and growing firms of all sizes often require legal counsel but can't afford the expense of hiring in-house lawyers with the skills and business savvy critical to play a vital role in a firm’s senior management team. At the same time, these companies resist calling outside counsel for fear of running up a steep bill just to say hello.

Wolf-Rodda llc believes that the billable hour frequently and needlessly gets in the way of a healthy relationship between client and lawyer. For this reason, the firm offers sensible, predictable approaches such as monthly retainers or fixed fees to enable clients to plan their legal expenditures—making the experience and wisdom of nearly 20 years of practice a ready resource for achieving your business goals.


Employment Law


Successful companies derive almost all of their strength from the team of people they have assembled to accomplish their mission. Assembling the talent; however, is just the beginning. Companies then face the challenge of adopting ground rules, setting compensation, and addressing day-to-day workplace concerns.

Howard Wolf-Rodda advises executives, managers and human resource professionals keeping them abreast of employment laws and assist them in developing policies and procedures that promote constructive employee relations and reduce liability in the workplace.




Businesses need lawyers who know business, not just the letter of the law—lawyers whose guidance empowers their clients to succeed.  Howard Wolf-Rodda serves businesses of all sizes. And, no matter the size, he establishes a deep connection with his clients that creates an instinctive understanding of their needs and goals. This enables him to help his clients explore what might lay before them so they can plan ahead for success and growth, and avoid disputes where possible.

Howard Wolf-Rodda provides creative transactional support and solutions to a variety of companies, from fast growth startups to established enterprises.  He has drafted, reviewed, or negotiated hundreds of transactions and contracts.