Government Contracts

Government contracts

The US Government is perhaps the single largest consumer of products and services.  It spends nearly half a trillion dollars every year. The Government can be a great customer—after all, the Government pays it bills (generally). On the other hand, the Government can be a difficult customer—one that writes its own rules and expects all of its vendors to live by them—at least until it changes them.

For nearly a decade and a half, Howard Wolf-Rodda has represented companies of all sizes and backgrounds in their dealings with the Government.

His clients have included companies that provide cutting edge engineering services to NASA, live combat training to Marines, and health counseling in developing countries – one client even cleaned the halls of Congress. His clients share an entrepreneurial spirit that values creative, results-oriented solutions. Whether the task is negotiating a change order, defining compliance policies, or fighting adverse government actions, your business objectives drive his approach to your needs.

Among the many services he has provided to government contractors, Howard Wolf-Rodda has:

  • Provided ongoing advice to federal contractors regarding legal compliance, employment policies, codes of ethics, nondisclosure agreements, commercial contracts, subcontracts, and teaming agreements.
  • Analyzed, developed and updated client policies and procedures to ensure compliance with government requirements including Buy America Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Service Contract Act, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as well as avoidance and mitigation of conflicts of interest.
  • Represented clients in government contract disputes including the preparation of equitable adjustments, claims and the litigation of contract appeals and bid protests.
  • Served as transactional counsel regarding government contracting issues for a health data analysis firm in a merger valued at $400 million.
  • Represented a solar energy firm in defense of threatened debarment arising out of alleged violations of Buy American requirements.
  • Advised clients regarding requirements of GSA federal supply schedule contracts and assisted in response to GSA audits.
  • Won an appeal on behalf of an aerospace company that resulted in the award of a Service Contract Act price adjustment for severance costs paid at the end of a contract.
  • Represented Alaska native corporation in disputes arising out of government subcontracts and teaming agreements.